A Villa or an Independent Home: Which should you choose?

Villas in Wayanad

Owning a luxury holiday home of your own is a truly luxurious experience that elevates your lifestyle in countless ways. However, with the plethora of home options out there, it’s normal to feel confused about what kind of residential property you should invest in. If you find it difficult to make up your mind on whether a villa or an independent home is a better option, we’re here to help you out.

The following are a few factors that make Villas much more preferable compared to Independent homes


Unlike Inherited Homes that feature traditional designs of living spaces, Villas feature a much more modernized and contemporary design that instantly makes it stand out. The architecture of a modern-day villa may derive inspiration from the most choicest elements, adding a bit of novelty and uniqueness to your particular residence. Chilgrove Resort Villas is a prime example for this, with an utterly splendid design inspired by that of an airplane’s fuselage.

In addition to this, you get to experience what it’s like to live in a home of that model for the very first time. In this regard, Villas are an excellent choice, especially for those who like to explore new and different lifestyles.


Villas are commonly found located in pre-demarcated plots, chosen for the variety of advantages they offer in terms of accessibility, connectivity and most importantly, comfort. They are usually a part of gated communities and are normally found tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urban developments. This provides Villa-owners with a calm, safe and  relaxed environment to have a great vacation with their loved ones.

Most Villas are located amidst the beautiful and lush settings, either by a riverside, a seashore or surrounded by mountains and hill ranges.


A major factor that differentiates villas from independent homes is the plethora of luxurious amenities they are equipped with. These encompass swimming pools, outdoor sports courts, well-maintained gardens rife with blooming flowers and more. Such amenities can be enjoyed exclusively by  residents of the gated community within which the Villa is located.

Safety and security

Almost all Villa projects are situated within a safe and secure gate community that’s well-equipped with the most modern and advanced security surveillance systems. Whether you’re visiting the Villa on your vacation or away at work, you can put all worrying concerns about the safety of your second home to rest. Unlike independent houses, Villas are seldom exposed to the threat of vandalism or theft.

This is mostly because security at Villa projects is a shared and cost-effective affair, unlike with independent homes where hiring your own security and installing security systems can be quite expensive.

Lifestyle Perks

As mentioned earlier, Villas offer you tranquil living spaces both within and without your place of residence. The surroundings are more likely to be cleaner, safer and less polluted than urban areas. Manicured gardens and hedges make for fresh air and delightful sights that greet you every time you set out for an evening stroll. Unlike you would  in the middle of the bustling roads of the city,you wouldn’t have to worry about having to look over your shoulders every time you go for a morning jog.

 In other words, there are manifold benefits and perks to living in a Villa. Unlike an independent home, the possibilities are unlimited.


With the Villa Lifestyle, you can rest assured that you’d be surrounded by neighbors who enjoy a similar standing in society as you do. In other words, you’d have like-minded people to hang out with during your holidays.

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