How to stay productive while working from home during coronavirus outbreak?

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The Coronavirus outbreak has caused almost all Companies in India to deploy “work from home” for their employees. The need for remote work is to maintain social distancing which in turn is essential to slow down the spread of the virus.

While some people may be comfortable with the work from home practice, others may feel it be a daunting task. Staying productive at home definitely takes extra effort. Also, isolation can quickly become a downer for those who are used to socializing at work. To avoid that ‘stuck’ feeling while working from home, here are few tips to maximize your productivity at home.

Select a place, Get dressed and set a proper schedule

Once you have decided to start working, try to set a schedule. Find a place at home where you can work without getting disturbed and set it as your place to work every day. If you are not comfortable with the place you choose to work, your productivity will be affected.

Do all the things you would do to get prepared for an office role; Set your alarm, get your cup of coffee and wear nice clothes. Getting dressed will give you the feel of ready to work. Simply getting dressed in the morning will help you transit out of “lazing about” mode to “productive” mode.

Now it’s time to find what works for you. When does your client expect you to be available? When does your family expect you to be available and so on!! Make a list of to-do things (make a list on a paper or use Google calendar) and follow it consistently.

Keep your distractions away

Distractions will lead to decreased performance.  Watching TV or playing a game in between your work, will divert your attention and maybe even keep you glued to it. Shut off the notifications which you feel might distract you (Facebook, What’s app, Instagram and so on…). Use these only when necessary.

Also, avoid attending to personal work or personal calls while attending to your client.

Invest in light exercise equipment’s and take small breaks

Keep a set of weights or resistance bands at home. Taking a break with quick short exercises ideally every 60 to 90 minutes like squats also will boost your energy and help to refocus as and when you need it.

Give your eyes small breaks like looking at something pleasant to your eyes (greenery around you) or do some quick eye exercises like staring at an object that is 20 yards away for 20 seconds which will protect your eyes from fatigue and is also good for your health!!

If needed keep a small plant or flower or maybe a small fishbowl at your workspace which will give it a pleasant look.

Keep your space Decluttered

It is very natural to get your space cluttered by keeping too many things around your desk space as a coffee glass on the table, a book that you read, your work files or papers that you’re working on and so on. Try to keep all the things around you organized and clean because this will be your space to be working as long as you work from home.

Maximum usage of Technology

Teamwork is dream work. Technology has been a blessing in disguise especially in situations when work from home is mandatory. Keep in touch with your team of people seamlessly using technology; like using online video calling applications such as Google Hangout and Skype to keep in touch with your fellow colleagues or your clients to complete the tasks assigned for the day.

Some people enjoy working with music! Depending on the type of work you do, you can decide if you want to work with music on it! Music helps to relax the mind thus helping you to focus on the work.

The Department of Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has advised some preventive measure to follow to stay protected from corona virus while you work from home.

  • Avoid handshakes.
  • Avoid going out on the streets for unnecessary reason, even if you do go out, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap once your back or use sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your Eyes, Mouth and Nose with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with any person who is sick.
  • Keep your home disinfected by using sanitizer or any disinfectant to clean commonly touched surfaces like Door knobs, kitchen cabinets, countertops, switches, and so on…
  • While you sneeze or cough, close your nose and mouth with a tissue or handkerchief or use the inside of your elbow.

Let us all join to fight this Pandemic by staying at home and working from home with optimum efficiency. Stay home, stay safe and work smart!

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