8 Plants that Attract Positive Vibes to your Home

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Nature has an incredible power to heal and bring positivity to our lives. While urban dwellers don’t live amidst nature at its pristine form, they may grow indoor plants to attract good vibes and energy.

The following are 8 indoor plants to fill your homes with positivity and happiness.

Peace Lilly

Peace lilies are one of the most popular choices among office and home indoor plants. Lilies are said to improve mental and physical health along with spiritual well-being. This plant purifies air by breaking down harmful indoor gases and increases the flow of positive energy in your home. It is a shade loving plant with bright white blooms, you can place them indoors where sunlight doesn’t fall directly on the plant.


Jasmin plant with its unique fragrance is a soothing delight to minds helping you overcome all worries and sleep tight. The plant grows well both indoors and outdoors, when keeping Jasmine indoors take care to place them in areas where there is enough sunlight and good ventilation.


Rosemary is yet another aromatic plant being around which itself is a stress buster. It freshens the room, elevates your mood, boosts memory and has antibacterial properties such that you live hale and hearty always. It’s a sun loving plant, therefore grow it in a place where there is plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

Lucky Bamboo

The plant got its name- ‘Lucky’ Bamboo because it is believed to bring fortune and happiness in the traditional Chinese culture. It requires little care and sunlight, place it in container with little water.

Money Plant

Another important plant in the Chinese Feng Shui culture, Money plant is also called Golden pothos. It purifies air, increases oxygen flow inside and according to the Chinese, it generates a positive flow that attracts good luck and wealth.


Orchids represent love, friendship, grace and joy and a lot of other positive feelings. They have been used in perfumes and aromatherapies worldwide because of their unique fragrance. Growing orchids spreads good vibes and positive energy all around your home.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a wonder plant with numerous benefits that cater to your overall health. When kept indoors, it purifies the indoor air and brings in positive energy. To grow well, place Aloe vera in areas where there is ample sunlight and water it regularly.

Holy Basil

As the name indicates this plant has great spiritual significance in Indian spirituality. Basil plants give out oxygen for most part of the day, they push off all kinds of negative energy in the air and creates a positive aura around. It is abundant in antibacterial and antifungal properties that ward off many illnesses keeping you healthy and fit.  

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