Best Methods to keep your Construction Site Safe for your Workers during the Pandemic Situation

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As regions and states are opening up again by following strict rules it is essential to adapt the protocols and take the necessary measures to resume the work at constructions sites. It’s important to remain informed and updated about the outbreak conditions to implement prevention measures accordingly. 

Here are 5 tips to keep construction sites safe for your workers:  

Maintain Social Distance:  

Now, the aim shouldn’t be to just complete the work, it should be to complete the work safely. Plan the work to manage the work while maintaining social distance. Secure six-foot markers at work areas and ensure the employees maintain the six feet distance every time. Social distancing limits our contact with others and reduces the risk of contracting the virus.  

Make Masks and Gloves Compulsory  

Masks keep you from getting the virus and stops you from giving it to others. Make sure that everyone at the site and everyone visiting the site wears masks and gloves all the time. Gloves should be made compulsory as construction sites have many visitors and this can keep us safe.  

Provide Handwash facility and sanitizer 

At the construction site, provide sanitizer for everyone at areas like entrance and exit, canteen, break spot, dressing room and toilets. Request and encourage everyone at the site to wash hands on arrival and while leaving, especially the employees.  

Regular Sanitization

Sanitization has become very much essential in the current situation. Make it a point to sanitize the places where everyone touches. Door knobs, handles and surface have to be sanitized as many people touch these. Sanitize the frequently used tools every day and provide proper instructions to employees to sanitize their safety equipment like helmet, boots and rubber gloves.  

Avoid Touching your Face 

While at the site, we could be touching surfaces contaminated and these viruses can be picked up by our hands and enter our body through our eyes, nose and mouth. Touching our face is something everyone does unconsciously but in a situation like this such a habit can put your health at risk.  

Following these measures closely can keep the construction site safe and hygienic during this pandemic.  

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