Work life balance for key to happiness

Work Life Balance

During various stages of our growing up, we have come across the adage ‘Work is Worship’. Besides being a way to make money, it is also an important feature to establish our personal and social identities. It fosters cohesion and safety within the community and promotes economic and social development.

The changing nature of work in the digital age has nearly bridged the barrier between work life and personal life. As digital technology started encroaching into our lives, we became a part of the ‘always on’ work culture where it has become almost impossible for us to disconnect from work thus leading to an erosion of work life balance.

Compared to the olden times, today jobs are demanding, exhausting and at times chaotic. The long working hours and the resultant stress and strain takes a toll on our lives leaving us unhappy and unsatisfied further leading to an array of lifestyle disorders and ailments.

There are some practical tips to overcome this situation. Consciously refraining from long office work hours is one. Self reflection can help. Asking ourselves the reasons for our dissatisfaction can be an eye opener. At times there are unattended personal priorities that need our time and attention.  Ignoring them can cause a great deal of mental stress and make our lives worse. Realising what is truly important in life and prioritising things accordingly will help a great deal.

The role of nutritious foods, regular exercise as well as peaceful and tranquil living spaces in ones mental and physical well being can’t be undermined. At times, it takes a vacation with dear ones to a nature friendly locale that helps us reduce stress and increase productivity at workplace. Practising mindfulness meditation techniques can be helpful to control the mind from negative thoughts. Attending one task at a time instead of multi-tasking can bring in more focus to our work. 

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