Changing monsoon patterns and home care

Monsoon season is usually the time of the year that we look forward to for some respite from the hot summer spell. But the changing monsoon patterns witnessed recently in Kerala, where we get extreme rainfall in a short span as opposed to moderate rainfall spread over weeks, raises a concern when it comes to homecare. The constant exposure to water and moisture has damaging effects on our houses, both on the exteriors and interiors. 

Exterior of the house is most affected with incessant rains. Water seeps in through the tiny cracks and damp patches become visible in the interiors. It affects the overall health of the house. Hence it is important that those cracks are fixed to prevent seepage well before the arrival of monsoon. The usage of water proof paints is recommended in such situations. Waterproofing the roof would help to keep the terrace free from leakage. Applying multiple layers of elastomeric coating on the roof can also help stop the leakage. Talenmark uses quality roofing materials and ensure a leak proof structure to our customers.

The insides of the home gets dirty as people get in from the rain. A large mat would serve the purpose of preventing wet and muddy footwear from entering inside. Also hooks at entry points would help the entrants to hang their belongings such as umbrellas and not carrying those inside.  

Care must be taken to fix faulty electric sockets well before the rains as exposure to moisture can cause them to malfunction and even damage gadgets.

The verdant greens around soaked in rain is a beautiful sight to watch. Hence replacing your heavy and dark curtains with lighter and transparent ones will allow maximum sunlight as well as scenery and keep the interiors moisture free.

The wooden furniture at home will most likely alter its shape and form during rains and is likely to be attacked by pests and termites. Suitable pest control measures such as keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean and dry, making sure that the drainage outside the home is cleaned and free of stagnant dirty water as well as disposing the garbage regularly can help to a great extend, but do not hesitate to take professional help whenever needed.     

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